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Troubleshooting for Map Update Issues

The blunder happens while introducing the TomTom maps refreshes 2019 on your Device, erase the past guides introduced in your gadget. At times clients can't get to the new guides in the wake of introducing the updates. Here are a few issues and investigating ventures for map refreshes.

  1. High contrast maps issue settled:
  2. In the event that you are getting maps clearly, it implies you are not accepting signs from the satellite. A few articles can hinder the signs. On the off chance that you are sitting in your home, take your TomTom GPS outside so it can chip away at an away from of sight to the satellite. Leave the GPS outside for a few minutes. Force on the TomTom GPS and hang tight for the signs. In the event that still it isn't getting signals, at that point reboot your TomTom GPS and attempt once from.

    1. Introduce map refreshes without SD card:

    Clear all the documents and old guides from your Device. View the rundown of all the old guide documents in my substance on your MyDrive Connect application. Feature the guide documents which you don't require any longer in your Device and erase the guide records.

    1. Firewall or Antivirus:

    Attempt to impair the firewall or antivirus on your PC prior to introducing the new guide refreshes for your GPS. Your firewall may obstruct a few substance to download in your PC or TomTom application. When the updates are finished, you can empower your firewall once more.

TomTom Map Updates | Troubleshooting

TomTom engineers are investing amounts of energy to improve the precision of the guides and make it more reasonable. To utilize the latest provincial guides for your GPS, download the new TomTom map refreshes from MyDrive Connect programming. Explore your reality simpler and quicker with the most recent updates to introduce the new guides.

  • To Install TomTom map Updates:
  • Enter the in the web search of the web program.
  • Select the Updates alternative from the menu bar of the site.
  • Tap or snap the updates and hang tight for the following site page.
  • On the following page, search for the Mydrive Connect download button.
  • Download and introduce the Mydrive Connect programming for the Windows or MAC.
  • Interface the GPS Device to the PC with the USB link.
  • Make a record by putting all the subtleties on the TomTom Software.
  • Tap or snap "check for refreshes" to check the accessible guide refreshes for your GPS.
  • View the rundown of the multitude of updates accessible for the Device on the following page.
  • Snap the chose updates to introduce the most recent reports on your Device.
  • Sit tight for the updates cycle to finish.
  • Restart the TomTomGPS in the wake of introducing the updates to transfer the guide information in your Device.

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How to Install the most recent TomTom updates on my GPS?

 Tomtom updates are the simplest and fastest answer for update programming or guide of your GPS through Mydrive Connect application. These updates are complimentary and available through interface. Follow the means to download and introduce the most recent update for your GPS.

  1. Tap or snap the Mydrive Connect shortcut  way on your PC.

  2. Connect your GPS to the PC by means of USB link.

  3. Enter the email and the secret word to sign in to Tomtom software.

  4. Snap see reports on the following page to see the rundown of the available updates.

  5. Tap or snap the "updates selected" to introduce the new updates.

  6. Restart your GPS in the wake of introducing the updates.

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What is TomTom Trucker & how to SetupTomTom Trucker

 Designed to be the trucker's closest friend the TomTom Trucker unites many different innovative features and best traffic alternative. It is one of those innovative GPS for trucks armed with neighborhood POI and truck routing features.

TomTom Trucker has a 6-inch touch-screen display, which means that you can smoothly control your GPS and simple to zoom in and out with only a pinch. It even has the choice to display real instructions and landmarks with all voice-activated street names. It's possible to receive alerts of low bridges, sharp ends, rate limit, and faculty zones around the screen of your TomTom Trucker.

TomTom Trucker 520:

TomTom Trucker 520 is a 5-inch GPS apparatus with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, totally free lifetime traffic updates, and smartphone communications. It has a large selection of useful features including navigation instructions, street name announcement, and voice command recognition.


It includes various inbuilt software like Foursquare and lane assistant. TomTom Trucker 520 is compatible with Google and Siri now, lets you perform the jobs from the smartphone. You always have the option to drive with the most recent maps because TomTom Trucker comes with the free life map upgrades.

Customized Routes: allows you to go into the kind, dimensions, weight, as well as freight.

Voice-activated: lets you run the apparatus with voice and voice address entry.

Customized POI: lets you save your favorite point of pursuits such as vehicle stops, gas stations, and restaurants.

Bluetooth Connectivity: allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to carry calls.

Lifetime Traffic Update: allows you to find lifetime traffic upgrades either on apparatus or smartphone.

Each trucker has their tastes and ideas about what makes a good GPS, however this TomTom Trucker GPS is flexible enough to suit from new ones to experts. It's a snap-mount platform which lets you mount your GPS easy and fast.

TomTom Trucker contains preloaded maps of North America and life map upgrades with no subscriptions. Other features include voice-activated navigation enables you to link your smartphone via Bluetooth and get text messages and visitors updates on your cell phone.

The way to isolate the TomTom Trucker 600?

The new TomTom trucker 600 also can join through Bluetooth to a trucker's mobile phone. The MyDrive Connect program design to plan a path, avoid any kind of dangers and traffic to confirm transport proposed routes to the government or the customer. It is by far the most reliable GPS for specialist truckers due to the ability to link to MyDrive program for Android along with iOS.

Step-by-step process to set up the TomTom Trucker GPS. Follow the steps to configure TomTom Trucker GPS:

  • Start a browser and then open the connection of the TomTom's website.
  • Select your nation and then download the MyDrive Connect which is on the left side.
  • When Prompted, connect your device to your laptop via USB Cable.
  • Enter the product name or serial number.
  • Address your device simply by typing the name for it and click add.
  • Install MyDrive Link and click on the icon to perform the GPS setup.
  • First of all, create an account for MyDrive Connect application.
  • Follow the directions to set up your GPS according to your location.
  • Assess for the upgrades to learn the newest updates available for your device.
  • Pick the updates that you would like to install and receive the latest maps of your area.
  • Restart the TomTom Trucker GPS to store the upgrades.

Frequent problems with TomTom Trucker:

  • No Signal
  • Unusual Shutdown
  • Synchronization Error
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Setup Illness
  • Allergic Masks

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How to do TomTom Update?

TomTom Update – Now Update Your TomTom Navigation Devices utilizing TomTom MyDrive Connect and Manage the Device utilizing TomTom Home Management Tool.

Tomtom Update

TomTom is an industry driving pioneer of the inventive satellite route innovation. It offers a broad scope of exceptionally customization items that touch each part of human life. It's incredibly adaptable item range arms clients with the necessary information to get where they need to go. They incorporate route advances including maps, driving aides and so on to items that deal with your wellness, brandishing and different requirements. To put it plainly, it makes GPS based route gadgets to keep you covered on streets, air and waters the same. It's client driven methodology is submitted for conveying rearranged and improved area experience. In any case, Sat Nav gadgets can be somewhat disappointing because of normal updates. Moreover, these updates must be exact with no degree for even the smallest distinction.

TomTom Update

This can be somewhat convoluted for various clients. Additionally, this is further disappointing when you have numerous gadgets to deal with. On occasion, it can go about as a demoralizing component for clients to proceed with GPS based gadgets. Therefore, MyDrive Connect arises as an incredibly straightforward answer for Tomtom Update.

This liberated from cost, easy to use programming application gurantess brisk and simple administration for Tomtom Updates. Furthermore, it is viable with the two Windows and Mac based stages making it exceptionally flexible.

Tomtom Updating Procedure

Tomtom Update expects you to follow certain direct strategies to keep your route gadgets fit as a fiddle. All things considered, check underneath for the means included which are clarified underneath this.

Stage 1: Since, Tomtom Update should be possible through Mydrive Connect. In this manner, arrangement the application on your framework in the absolute in front of the rest of the competition.

Stage 2: Then, you are needed to login to your record for Tomtom Update.

Stage 3: Thereafter, you should interface your Tomtom gadget to your framework to continue.

Stage 4: Finally, you can continue with the Tomtom Update.

Stage 1

In the first place, you are needed to arrangement the Mydrive Connect application on your PC. As such, you need to Download, Install and Activate the sftware for Tomtom Update.

TomTom Download

Downloads for Tomtom Update is an amazingly basic and easy to use strategy. This should be possible effectively through the official site of Tomtom MyDrive Connect. It expects you to just open the site on your framework. At that point, search for the download connect determined for your Operating System. As such, clients having Windows OS ought to consider the connection determined for Windows. Moreover, Mac framework clients ought to choose the connection for Mac.

From that point, click the Download tab to start the cycle. At that point, sit tight for it to finish.

TomTom Installation

Tomtom Update arrangement establishment is similarly advantageous and superfast. To do this, basically open the downloaded arrangement record and Run the product. From that point, the arrangement wizard will direct you through the necessary strategy. Thus, just adhere to the on screen directions. All things considered, you will have the option to finish the establishment without breaking a sweat.

TomTom Activation

  1. At last, initiate the Tomtom Update arrangement to abuse the maximum capacity of your Tomtom gadgets. Consequently, you ought to make your Tomtom account in the absolute ahead of everyone else. At that point, login to it.

  2. For this, open the official site of MyDrive Connect. At that point, go to the record creation window from the upper right corner of the window. At last, make your record by adhering to some basic on-screen directions.

  3. From that point, login to your record through the introduced arrangement document of Tomtom Update. This finishes up the Tomtom Update arrangement. Presently, continue to the subsequent advance.

Stage 2

When you have the necessary application for Tomtom Update, you are needed to logging to your Tomtom account. Here, the principal thing to recall is that you should utilize a similar record which you made in to initiate MyDrive Connect.

  1. Above all else, open the MyDrive Connect application that you have introduced on your gadget in the initial step. It must be situated at the taskbar of your work area. So, you should take a gander at the extremely lower part of your screen. At that point, click on the MyDrive Connect symbol to open it's UI.

  2. Thus, you will be provoked to login on the absolute first window. Accordingly, you should login utilizing your enrolled email address and the relating secret key. Here, you should guarantee to enter the right subtleties in order to evade any login issues.

  3. At last, click on Login to enter your record.

  4. Notwithstanding, there is a likelihood that the login fizzles. Subsequently, cross check to guarantee you have given the right subtleties. To put it plainly, browse for the email address and secret phrase. It is very conceivable to overlook your right secret word. To put it in an unexpected way, you should reset the secret key and login once more.

  5. All things considered, click on the Forget Password connect on the login page.

  6. Thus, you will get the secret phrase reset window. Presently, cautiously enter your enlisted email address.

  7. At that point, click on Send.

  8. Consequently, a secret phrase reset connection will be shipped off your enlisted email account. Here, you should take note of that this connection will lapse following 3 hours. Henceforth, make a point to reset the secret key inside the apportioned time span.

  9. Presently, go to your email account site.

  10. At that point, sign in to your email account.

  11. Consequently, search for the email got from Tomtom Update.

  12. Next, click on the email to open it.

  13. You will discover a connection to reset your record secret key in this email. In this manner, you should tap on the connection to reset the secret key.

  14. Then again, duplicate the url address of this connection and glue it in your program's location bar. From that point, press the Enter key on your console to open the page.

  15. Next, give your enrolled email id accurately. At that point, click on Reset Password.

  16. Accordingly, you will be incited to give another secret word that you wish to set. Thusly, enter a solid and novel pasword that adjusts to the predetermined prerequisites.

  17. At that point, reappear the secret word again and click on Reset Password.

  18. This will be advised right away.

  19. At last, loggin to your Tomtom Update account.

Stage 3

The third step of Tomtom Update expects you to associate your sat nav gadget to the PC. This is again an incredibly straightforward cycle:-

  1. To do this, you will require a USB link. It more likely than not been provided alongside your Tomtom Update Device. Else, you can undoubtedly get it from the market. Realize that it is the main way to associate your PC and the Tomtom gadget.

  2. Another central issue to recollect is the battery of your Tomtom gadget. To put it plainly, it ought to have some charge. This is significant for the product application to have the option to perceive the gadget for Tomtom Update.

  3. Presently, turn off your PC.

  4. Next, plug in one finish of the link to your PC and the opposite end to the Tomtom gadget.

  5. From that point, turn on your PC.

  6. This interfaces the gadget to the framework for Tomtom Update.

Stage 4

At last, you have arrived at the last advance for Tomtom Update. Since, you are signed in to the application and have additionally associated the gadget to it. Subsequently, you oversee your associated gadget. All in all, you can pick different activities separated from refreshing programming projects. In this manner, check underneath for a portion of the conceivable outcomes that you can investigate. 

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TomTom GO Issues & Troubleshooting:

TomTom GO

TomTom Go 620 GPS framework is a mix of premium highlights and all around planned interface. The heap of premium highlights including lifetime map updates and traffic cautions cause the TomTom To go 620 one of the top GPS gadgets in the market. The main contrast between Go 520 and Go 620 is the screen size, rest all the highlights are the equivalent on the two gadgets.

You can keep your eyes out and about in light of the fact that TomTom GO 620 gives wellbeing highlights like voice-actuated headings and path colleague. Path help offers visuals of structures and tourist spots to help you with the correct heading of your goal. It will give you the help to discover the food, gas, and lodging when driving on the expressway. TomTom Go 620 accompanies preloaded guides and lifetime map refreshes.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: associate your cell phone to your TomTom Go through Bluetooth and get traffic refreshes.
  • POI: include a large number of your favored purpose of interests.
  • Voice-Activated: permits sans hands calling and voice-enacted route.
  • Lifetime Maps: preloaded with North America guides and free lifetime map refreshes.
  • Propelled Lane Guidance: permits propelled split-screen path direction.
  • 3D View: show the tourist spots and structures in 3D.
  • Cloud App: permits you to spare guides and information in the cloud application.

Good with Siri and Google now.

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M:

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M GPS is the most ideal decision for the individuals who like to utilize the GPS framework with portable applications. It deals with web based administrations and gives you traffic refreshes. TomTom GO LIVE 1535M likewise gives HD traffic administration, which is probably the best component of traffic information administrations.

HD traffic information administrations

Level of intelligence courses innovation

Propelled path direction

Sans hands calling          
Troubleshooting For TomTom GPS:

1. MyDrive Connect mistake messages:

MyDrive associate programming executes a mistake message if there is any issue with the product. Some way or another, MyDrive Connect may not convey you the data about the issue. It may happen because of old firmware also.
A delicate reset can be the answer for this issue. Press and hold the force button for thirty seconds until you hear any solid from your TomTom GPS gadget. A brief will show on the screen with directions to reset the gadget. Adhere to the guidelines and finish the delicate reset technique.

2. MyDrive Connect Installation issue:

In the event that you experience any issue to introduce the MyDrive Connect programming, Check out the similarity of the product with the variant of the windows. On the off chance that your product is good with the windows rendition, check the firewall of the windows. The establishment procedure may be hindered because of a firewall on the PC. Mood killer the firewall while introducing the MyDriveConnect. Turn on the firewall after the establishment is finished.

In the event that you despite everything confronting any issue and it gives you a mistake message while introducing MyDrive Connect. It may be an issue with the windows account. Attempt to make another windows account and introduce the product there.

Follow the means to make another record.

a. Open the windows client account in a control board.
b. Make another authoritative record and download the MyDrive Connect programming once more.
c. Introduce the MyDriveConnect to your new record.
d. Associate the GPS gadget to your PC and snap on accessible updates.

3. TomTom GPS Freezes:

This issue may happen because of the old form of the MyDrive Connect programming. Introduce the latest rendition of MyDriveconnect on your PC. On the off chance that your TomTom GPS freezes and you won't have the option to do anything. Once in a while your GPS starts circling at the beginning screen, MyDrive Connect application may not be working appropriately.
Follow the beneath steps to introduce MyDriveconnect:
Turn on the TomTom GPS and associate with the PC through USB
Download and introduce the Mydriveconnect programming and snap on deal with my gadget.
Evacuate all the records and don't duplicate any expelled documents.
Register your TomTom GPS with the assistance of MyDriveconnect and update the firmware of the gadget also.

4. High contrast maps issue settled:

On the off chance that you are getting maps clearly, it implies you are not accepting signs from the satellite. A few items can obstruct the signs. On the off chance that you are sitting in your home, take your TomTom GPS outside so it can chip away at an away from of sight to the satellite.
Leave the GPS outside for a few minutes. Ensure your TomTom GPS is diverted on while accepting signs from the satellite. In the event that still it isn't getting signals, at that point reboot your TomTom GPS and attempt once from.

5. Language Problem:

In the event that you change your TomTom Gps gadget language, You can't make sense of it how to transform it back until you realize that language. You have to reset your GPS gadget. In the wake of resetting it, it will demand you to pick your language. Pick your favored language and snap on finish. This procedure will change your language to your inclination.

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MyDrive Connect Will Not Install | FIX?

Bit by bit guidelines to Fix MyDrive Connect Not Working in Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, Vista – When you run mydrive partner on specific Windows PC, it neglects to open. As you open the program following is the conduct watched, for example,

The message says "Mydrive Connect has stopped working" on screen

The message "An Error Has Occured, and mydrive interface should close" appears to screen

The mydrive interface window doesn't appear on the screen, and no screw up message is furthermore being appeared

MyDrive Connect auto-update doesn't seem to work precisely

MyDriveConnect won't download          

MyDrive Connect won't dispatch on pc, endeavored the reinstall, not working!

May be you have refreshed the Operating System of your PC, and now you can't transfer to Mydrive associate by means of windows adaptation. The equivalent has happened for Other TomTom gadgets, for instance, , TomTom GO, and TomTom Trucker. All may exhibit the device boss anyway don't show up as sub devices in pioneer. At the point when you are propelling mydrive associate and tapping on the include button, it doesn't perceive any of the TomTom gadgets you are having.

The explanation behind the Mydrive Connect application not working with your Windows working System is a direct result of the inconsistency of the application in Windows 10. The response for Fix Mydrive Connect not Working in Windows can be found on the underneath headings.

Stage 1: Ensure you are having the latest form of MyDrive Connect introduced on your PC
You should visit the official website of TomTom and download and reinstall the latest form of the mydriveinterface from the connection accessible. If there should be an occurrence of mydrive interface previously introduced is shown which implies the gadget is as of now having the refreshed rendition introduced.

Stage 2: You need to delete the Mydrive Connect Configuration records
The blunder with the mydrive associate may likewise be brought about by a degenerate application arrangement document. Erasing the arrangement records will permit you to be imitated so that MyDrive Connect can be propelled effectively.

To erase the Setup record follow the means:

Stage 1: Press the Windows key +R at the same time

Stage 2: Type %localappdata%

Stage 3:Right-click on the TomTom_Ltd envelope

Stage 4: Click on the erase button

Stage 5: Click on yes whenever incited to affirm the erasure.

Stage 3: You can introduce the latest Microsoft Window update

Microsoft has discharged Windows reports on the standard break that may resolve issues with TomTom applications and TomTom Update. Introducing that application which is acceptable and runs the application using settings from a past variation of Windows. Follow the means to introduce the driver in similarity mode and pursue a test establishment is finished.

Stage 1: Look up for the arrangement record area

Stage 2: Right-click on the setup.exe record and snap-on properties choice

Stage 3: Click on similarity and check the case run this program in similarity mode for and select the Operating structure beginning from the drop menu and can proceed with further with the powerful establishment of mydrive interface

Stage 4: Once the method is done you ought to restart the PC and check if the issue endures.
At the point when not prepared to decide the MyDrive Connect not dealing with your Windows PC you can have the master's assistance. You can interface with TomTom Customer Service and have the tech pros helping your issues any hour of day and night.
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