Freitag, 10. Juli 2020

How do you set up TomTom MyDrive Connect?

In order to download maps and update your TomTom's firmware, you need software. The name of that software is MyDrive Connect. The newer TomTom models support MyDriveConnect. In this article, I explain how to install MyDrive Connect on your computer.

In short                      

  1. Download and introduce MyDrive Connect  
  2. Sign in utilizing your TomTom account
  3. Interface the TomTom to your PC
  4. Include the TomTom MyDrive Connect

Installing MyDriveConnect on your computer

Stage 1: Download and introduce MyDrive Connect

You can download MyDrive Connect from the accompanying site. MyDrive Connect is accessible for Windows and Mac. Pick the correct variant of MyDrive Connect for your PC's working framework. After this, MyDrive Connect will begin downloading. Once downloading is finished, you can start establishment. On the off chance that establishment doesn't begin consequently, search for the document installmydriveconnect.exe on your PC. Snap it, and establishment will begin.

Stage 2: Log in with your TomTom account
MyDrive Connect has now been downloaded and introduced. Open the program and you'll be approached to sign in to MyDrive Connect. Sign in utilizing the subtleties for your TomTom account. On the off chance that you don't have a TomTom account yet, you can make one.

Stage 3: Connect your TomTom to your PC

Interface your TomTom route framework to your PC. Utilize the included USB link. You can check whether your route framework is associated in MyDriveConnect under "My Navigation System". At the point when your TomTom has been associated with your PC, you'll see that its status is "Associated". On the off chance that your TomTom isn't associated with your PC, it'll just state "Not associated". Associate the included USB link straightforwardly to one of your PC's USB ports. Try not to interface the USB link to a USB center associated with the PC.

Stage 4: Add your TomTom on MyDrive Connect and view refreshes

At the point when you associate your TomTom to your PC, MyDrive Connect will inquire as to whether you need to include the route framework. Think of a name for the route framework and snap on the catch "Include". Your TomTom will presently be included. When your TomTom has been included, you can check whether there are any updates accessible for it. When you've introduced the updates, your MyDrive Connect establishment and arrangement will be finished.
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