Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Troubleshooting for Map Update Issues

The blunder happens while introducing the TomTom maps refreshes 2019 on your Device, erase the past guides introduced in your gadget. At times clients can't get to the new guides in the wake of introducing the updates. Here are a few issues and investigating ventures for map refreshes.

  1. High contrast maps issue settled:
  2. In the event that you are getting maps clearly, it implies you are not accepting signs from the satellite. A few articles can hinder the signs. On the off chance that you are sitting in your home, take your TomTom GPS outside so it can chip away at an away from of sight to the satellite. Leave the GPS outside for a few minutes. Force on the TomTom GPS and hang tight for the signs. In the event that still it isn't getting signals, at that point reboot your TomTom GPS and attempt once from.

    1. Introduce map refreshes without SD card:

    Clear all the documents and old guides from your Device. View the rundown of all the old guide documents in my substance on your MyDrive Connect application. Feature the guide documents which you don't require any longer in your Device and erase the guide records.

    1. Firewall or Antivirus:

    Attempt to impair the firewall or antivirus on your PC prior to introducing the new guide refreshes for your GPS. Your firewall may obstruct a few substance to download in your PC or TomTom application. When the updates are finished, you can empower your firewall once more.

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